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River's 2017 Emergence


Dear friend,

It’s Big.

I am thrilled to announce that after almost 50 years of evolution, brewing, experimenting, pondering, learning … research and development, I finally figured it out: 

I’m a lover not a fighter.

If you’ve ever followed my family law Tips of the Day, you may have seen this coming.  

New Focus

My new business is officially open:  My Emergence - Your Conscious Uncoupling Relationship Coach

Over 20 years as a family law attorney with my own office, I handled hundreds of divorce and custody cases.  We resolved some cases, involving wealthy couples with complex financial holdings and children, for under $5000 in attorney fees.  Other cases, where folks were often draining one bank account after another to pay the legal bills, cost over $50,000 in attorney fees - simply because decisions were made from a place of serious emotional pain.  Emotional decisions in a divorce or custody case can cost an almost unlimited amount of money, not to mention the toll on everyone’s health and happiness.  

Even without a legal case, emotional pain from a serious break-up can trigger a feeling that everything is falling apart.  

Conscious Uncoupling is a 5 step process that can significantly reduce the emotional pain from a break-up, and ensure the same thing never happens again.  It’s effective for anyone who has a sincere desire to end the pain. 

That is why I've become a professionally certified Conscious Uncouplingrelationship coach, certified by New York Times bestseller, and creator of the incredible Conscious Uncoupling method, Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT.  

New Offer

If you, or anyone you know, is feeling the pain of heartache from a recent or past breakup with a spouse or intimate partner, this revolutionary method can help you heal that pain forever.  I offer coaching in by beautiful new downtown Austin office, or worldwide by video or telephone.  

For anyone who purchases a 5-step package and mentions this webpage, I will gift you a copy of the book we will use as our guide, Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas, at no charge while supplies last. 

You are also invited to join my Inner Circle to receive special offers and updates (scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address) on my new site at:

New Name

To honor my transition, I have changed my name from Ann del Llano to River del Llano, which means “River of the plains” (I hail from the New Mexico and West Texas deserts).  If you continue to call me “Ann,” that’s fine.  You are grandfathered.  No pressure.  I just want you to know my name is now River.

What about the law?

My law office, The Law Office of River del Llano, is no longer my primary focus.  I intend to accept new legal clients only as time permits after I fully support my Conscious Uncoupling clients.


Recognizing that these changes are only possible because of all of my past experiences, I bow in gratitude to you.  In whatever way, big or small, you have influenced who I am today.  

I am grateful for all of my political experiences with changing laws, such as the creation of the Austin Police Monitor’s Office, banishing the Texas Regional Narcotics Task Forces statewide, the Texas racial profiling data collection law, changes that allowed Texas to cancel billions of dollars of new prison units slated for construction and instead close several prison units because of “treatment not incarceration” changes in state law which became a national model, treating marijuana more like alcohol because it is safer, requiring corroboration of informant testimony to secure a criminal conviction, and too many others to name.  I am grateful for my experiences with The Texas Legislature, the Austin Police Department, the Austin City Council and other government bodies.… And most of all for my fellow activists who stood with me in unity over the years community organizing, volunteering, donating, voting, lobbying and leading non profits, foundations, churches and all shapes and sizes of other organizations.

I am grateful for all of my family law experiences serving clients, who somehow tended to be the most wonderful clients at the courthouse.  I am grateful for my time with the judges, court staff, attorneys and social workers in the Travis County family court system, my friends in the family law section of the Austin Bar Association.… And most of all I’m grateful for my partnership with the best legal assistant and law office manager ever: Noelle Davis.

I am also grateful for my loved ones - the ones who have enjoyed a front row seat for the aforementioned experimenting, pondering, learning, falling on my face, and getting back up again.


Feel free to contact me anytime, I’d love to hear from you!



River del Llano

Conscious Uncoupling Relationship Coach

May, 2017